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grub2 failure with gcc-4.9

From: Thierry Bultel
Subject: grub2 failure with gcc-4.9
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 14:14:13 +0100
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I just figured out that my PC target was failing to boot,
because I upgraded the compiler from (buildroot toolchain) gcc-4.8.x to

The configuration is:
I am using the following builtin modules:

"boot linux ext2 fat part_msdos
part_gpt part_bsd normal biosdisk sleep echo video videoinfo help jpeg
uhci ehci usb usb_keyboard usbms usbtest gfxterm gfxmenu vbe vga
video_bochs video_cirrus font search search_fs_file search_label test
test_blockarg keylayouts at_keyboard cat configfile loadenv eval serial

(I know, that makes a lot but works like a charm with gcc-4.8.2)

The symptom is :
'' is already set
Aborted. Press any key to exit.

After some (grub_printf) debugging, I found out that when 'loading' the
builtin modules at startup, some modules names are corrupted.
I am about to get into deeper investigation, but has anyone
encountered it ?

Best regards

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