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[bug #44199] grub2-mkconfig: /usr/share/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib: line 56:

From: Tumaykin Ilya
Subject: [bug #44199] grub2-mkconfig: /usr/share/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib: line 56: 26488 Segmentation fault "${grub_probe}" -t fs "$path"
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 23:18:08 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, bug #44199 (project grub):

Sorry, I've messed up during my previous bisecting session. Here's the proper
git bisect start
# good: [06eadf5ebf21c8520d696c6438a976e5f7c218c3] fix double free in
git bisect good 06eadf5ebf21c8520d696c6438a976e5f7c218c3
# bad: [c0f529ea679bdf48cbe1c4b3dd92fb552456a1fe] arm: implement additional
relocations generated by gcc 4.9 at -O3
git bisect bad c0f529ea679bdf48cbe1c4b3dd92fb552456a1fe
# bad: [b6f21bcb98f03d61087b4423261bda5d6a58fb1f] fs/cbfs: Add missing free.
git bisect bad b6f21bcb98f03d61087b4423261bda5d6a58fb1f
# bad: [44b38e49885ffcb286e796b572f3f862f3be371a] grub_menu_init_page: Avoid
returning 0 geometry to avoid divisions by 0.
git bisect bad 44b38e49885ffcb286e796b572f3f862f3be371a
# good: [935863518f3a9ec12161616a31ac40e5b78bd550] grub_dmraid_nv_detect: Do
not divide by zero.
git bisect good 935863518f3a9ec12161616a31ac40e5b78bd550
# bad: [4816dcac19a05a1209822015d88903faef3d6f44]       *
grub-core/video/readers/jpeg.c: Avoid division by zero.
git bisect bad 4816dcac19a05a1209822015d88903faef3d6f44
# good: [065ed900d4865fc31062f01290560ad1bc189522] grub-core/lib/pbkdf2.c
(grub_crypto_pbkdf2): Check that hash len is not 0.
git bisect good 065ed900d4865fc31062f01290560ad1bc189522
# good: [475bffeae67fa0f6787c33147c120b40e89b1985]      * grub-core/fs/zfs.c:
Avoid divisions by zero.
git bisect good 475bffeae67fa0f6787c33147c120b40e89b1985
# bad: [750f4bacd3262376ced3f837d8dc78f834ca233a] *
grub-core/disk/diskfilter.c: Validate volumes to avoid division by zero.
git bisect bad 750f4bacd3262376ced3f837d8dc78f834ca233a
# good: [1b6aaddc456961d87d98e0f342c70b874b2fb232] term.h: Avoid returining
0-sized terminal as it may lead to division by zero.
git bisect good 1b6aaddc456961d87d98e0f342c70b874b2fb232
# first bad commit: [750f4bacd3262376ced3f837d8dc78f834ca233a] *
grub-core/disk/diskfilter.c: Validate volumes to avoid division by zero.


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