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Re: Test Proposal for [bug #46716] Protective MBR partition is not marke

From: Alexander E. Patrakov
Subject: Re: Test Proposal for [bug #46716] Protective MBR partition is not marked as bootable
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2015 20:52:53 +0500
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20.12.2015 14:59, Thomas Schmitt пишет:

i see that in my test proposal i forgot the Mac specific options

    -apm-block-size 2048 -hfsplus

They are not supposed to influence x86 BIOS or EFI.
Nevertheless it would be better to include them in the test.

I think that, at this point, it would be useful to take one step back. Namely, I have this fact: Porteus Kiosk has no Apple partition map and no hfsplus, and boots on all machines (including the 2007 Mac) both as USB flash drive and as a CD. So, what's the use case for hfsplus on x86? Maybe we should remove it from the default layout created by grub-mkrescue?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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