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[bug #46986] Fails to build on FreeBSD CURRENT amd64

From: Kostya Berger
Subject: [bug #46986] Fails to build on FreeBSD CURRENT amd64
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 19:43:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #7, bug #46986 (project grub):

Here is the debug output of the command you suggested:

TARGET_OBJ2ELF= sh -x genmod.sh moddep.lst all_video.module
build-grub-module-verifier all_video.mod

+ set -e
+ moddep=moddep.lst
+ infile=all_video.module
+ outfile=all_video.mod
+ tmpfile=all_video.mod.tmp
+ echo all_video.module
+ sed -e 'address@hidden@@'
+ modname=all_video
+ grep ^all_video: moddep.lst
    exit 0
+ grep ^all_video: moddep.lst
+ sed 'address@hidden:@@'
+ deps=' vbe vga video_bochs video_cirrus'
+ rm -f all_video.mod.tmp all_video.mod
+ test x0 '!=' x1
+ objcopy -R .modname -R .moddeps all_video.module all_video.mod.tmp
+ mktemp /tmp/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX
+ t1=/tmp/tmp.t9sjgVroO4
+ printf 'all_video '
+ mktemp /tmp/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX
+ t2=/tmp/tmp.gh7SdJ96c2
+ printf 'vbe '
+ printf 'vga '
+ printf 'video_bochs '
+ printf 'video_cirrus '
+ test -n ' vbe vga video_bochs video_cirrus'
+ objcopy --add-section '.modname=/tmp/tmp.t9sjgVroO4' --add-section
'.moddeps=/tmp/tmp.gh7SdJ96c2' all_video.mod.tmp
+ rm -f /tmp/tmp.t9sjgVroO4 /tmp/tmp.gh7SdJ96c2
+ test xpc '!=' xemu
+ strip --strip-unneeded -K grub_mod_init -K grub_mod_fini -K _grub_mod_init
-K _grub_mod_fini -R .note.gnu.gold-version -R .note.GNU-stack -R .note -R
.comment all_video.mod.tmp
+ test -z ''
+ ./build-grub-module-verifier all_video.mod.tmp i386
build-grub-module-verifier: error: no symbol table.

Now I commented out in genmod.sh the line to remove $t1 and $t2 in order to
see what gets there.
So the one contains "all_video", while the other contains
"vbevgavideo_bochsvideo_cirrus". Should it not be rather "vbe vga video_bosh


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