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Re: lack of kernel.h for x86_64 EFI

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: lack of kernel.h for x86_64 EFI
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 19:43:40 +0300
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19.09.2016 16:45, Olek пишет:
> Hi,
> I've cloned GRUB2 repository using "git clone git://
> git.savannah.gnu.org/grub.git" and have done pull to head.
> I want to build GRUB2 for x86_64-efi architecture and during make I receive
> an error saying, that :
> symlist.h:25:44: fatal error: ../include/grub/machine/kernel.h: No such
> file or directory
>  #include <../include/grub/machine/kernel.h>
> Indeed, there is no kernel.h for x86_64-efi
> [image: Obraz w treści 1]

Please never send images unless explicitly asked for.

> Is there any way to workaround this issue?

I cannot reproduce it. Provide full build log starting with "git clone".

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