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Hi There

From: Luke Morrison
Subject: Hi There
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 04:57:41 +0000

Hello Dragora,

Thank you for your service! I do not know what is required to apply as a contributor but I have a 6-7 years of web, backend and software development. 

I have a strong request , and I would like to ask the team. 

I would like to try and lead a project, to mobile devices, to provide a free software non tracking mobile. 

I think it could take 3 years. And I would suggest we make a lite version, and try to GRUB boot load into 5 different blank slate 'free' mobile devices. Someone finding which devices would be very helpful. 

Then I can look at upgrading your GRUB code (in TDD if thats possible, because if there was ever a time for TDD), (so I hope you have a runner with mock abilities, otherwise I may need one..), 

into a good state. Then cutting some things in the GRUB, and try and get some backing to remove some functionality for mobile. 

Then try and boot it into the mobile device, choose one, buy it, and pair it with a solar panel local web server controller by a community. Maybe pair it with solar panels, and have the device connect with the panels and claim the device on insurance...

Ill try and launch this in former Stasi East Germany where I currently live, to see if I can, from the core, help on the big problem, and see how it goes. 

I also think there should be an app store. I.e. sharing off the grid apps, although one could just boost the free software cleansing process in the browser or a shell and make it all _javascript_. I worked in App Store at Microsoft, so I have some basic experience, but most of my experience there was "force the user to do " instead "provide this ability". 

If its a 3 year project, Id want to try and get in the rhythym. I would suggest, that maybe we can make a ticket for finding out which mobile devices are free - not android- not tracking you, then I can get some Knowledge Transfer for GRUB, and try and find a TDD rhythm if this is possible, and do some end to end testing for a couple years in my spare time until I see it boot on a mobile device, and feel totally secure I can do my mobile computing, free. 

Let me know, this was the main free one I saw that had no base on any other Debian, . Which is what exactly I think it needs. 

Note if you make it mobile first and maybe even hold off on some desktop features, maybe funding is possible, although I do not know anything about investments, much less opensource. 

Let me know ! I would rather simply start this task right away, than do another task, because I see it as a laser focused effort anyway, and I may have a day job 😉

Thank you


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