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VINCE: New CERT/CC vulnerability coordination platform [VU#273963] - gnu

From: CERT Coordination Center
Subject: VINCE: New CERT/CC vulnerability coordination platform [VU#273963] - gnu_grub
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 18:02:24 -0400

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In March, the CERT/CC started using a custom-developed web-based platform for 
vulnerability coordination.  This platform is called VINCE: Vulnerability 
Information and Coordination Environment.  We have been slowly moving new 
vulnerability reports to VINCE and inviting vendors to VINCE on a case-by-case 

VINCE represents a significant change in how we perform vulnerability 
coordination.  Change has costs, and we realize that we are asking you to share 
these costs.  We believe the investment will pay off by reducing per-case 
effort, improving scalability and coverage, and maturing the state of 
coordinated vulnerability disclosure practice.

We are now actively transitioning to VINCE as the primary means to

 * receive vulnerability reports
 * notify vendors about potential vulnerabilities
 * discuss and coordinate vulnerability reports before public disclosure
 * allow vendors to provide status and vendor statements
 * review and publish vulnerability notes
 * allow vendors to manage their contact information

Some changes of note:

 * We are intentionally stepping back from the role of central communications 
hub and mediator of all communications.  Our default stance is that reporters 
(researchers) and vendors will all participate in a shared per-case discussion 
forum in VINCE.  There are features in VINCE that support private communication 
between CERT/CC and vendors, but we advocate a more collaborative and efficient 
coordination model, thus the shared case discussion forum.

 * Expect less and less email from us, including PGP email.  Notifications for 
new vulnerability reports will be made primarily through VINCE.

 * VINCE sends notification mail From: <cert+donotreply@cert.org>.  
Notifications are not PGP signed or encrypted and do not contain case details 
or other sensitive information.

 * <cert@cert.org> (with a VU# ID in the subject please) still works, and 
<cert+donotreply@cert.org> is effectively <cert@cert.org>, but we encourage you 
to at least start testing VINCE.

 * We recognize that using many different web platforms for vulnerability 
coordination will not scale well.  Our proposed solution is an API.  While 
initially designed for VINCE, we see the need for a global interoperability 
standard, and welcome testing, feedback, and feature requests for the API.


As of yet there is no deadline or requirement to switch to VINCE, and we are 
still handling some coordination through PGP email.  However, as the transition 
continues, email and PGP will become a secondary channel for coordination and 
not receive the same level of service as VINCE.

We invite and encourage you to register for a VINCE account:


The model is that individuals create VINCE accounts, then those VINCE users are 
assigned to one or more vendor groups.  An authorized VINCE user can be given 
administrative privileges to manage the vendor group.  A VINCE vendor group is 
roughly analogous to a PSIRT.

We take considerable care to properly associate user accounts with vendor 
groups.  We use our existing contacts, PGP, and other evidence to verify 
associations.  After you register for a VINCE account, verification may cause 
delay before we associate you with a vendor group.  Providing evidence (e.g., 
PGP-signed mail) of your association with a vendor will speed up the 
verification process.

VINCE documentation:



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