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GRUB Hangs After badram Command

From: L. Bradley LaBoon
Subject: GRUB Hangs After badram Command
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 18:05:08 -0400
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Hello GRUB Team,

I am writing to report what appears to be an issue with the `badram` command within GRUB. Upon issuing this command (either via grub.cfg or interactively on the command line) my system hangs and becomes unresponsive. The address and mask I'm using were determined using memtest86+ and I am certain there are no typos or copy/paste errors. The exact command I am running is as follows:

badram 0x000000008c4e0800,0xffffffffffffcfe0

I am on a 64-bit machine, so the addresses are as such. After setting debug output to "all" I tried the command again, upon which many EFI memory map lines were printed (more than enough to fill the screen buffer), followed by the following relevant lines:

mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook 0+a0000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook a0000+60000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook 100000+3f00000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook 4000000+d000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook 400d000+5d75000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook 9d82000+27e000
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook a000000+b0496000
mmap/mmap.c:418:badram: 8c4e0800 (size 400) is a badram range
mmap/mmap.c:418:badram: 8c4e1800 (size 400) is a badram range
mmap/mmap.c:418:badram: 8c4e2800 (size 400) is a badram range
mmap/mmap.c:418:badram: 8c4e3800 (size 400) is a badram range
mmap/mmap.c:382:badram: hook ba496000+155000

The command never returns, and the output above is the last thing printed before the system hangs. I am running GRUB 2.06 as provided by Arch Linux (which was compiled specifically from commit 2f4430cc0a44fd8c8aa7aee5c51887667ad3d6c3). Just to eliminate the possibility of a hardware error, I tried running the same command on a different (also 64-bit) system which resulted in the same behavior.

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide.

Thank you,
Bradley LaBoon

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