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grub-mkrescue with pgp --pubkey might be broken in grub 2.12 on EFI

From: Reto Buerki
Subject: grub-mkrescue with pgp --pubkey might be broken in grub 2.12 on EFI
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2024 10:15:31 +0100
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Repost from help-grub: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-grub/2024-03/msg00004.html

I'm using grub-mkrescue in combination with the pgp --pubkey feature to put grub into check_signatures=enforce mode, and to only have signed data loaded and processed. Something like:

grub-mkrescue --modules='normal pgp' -o test.iso boot/grub/grub.cfg=grub.cfg boot/grub/grub.cfg.sig=grub.cfg.sig --pubkey testkey.pub

This used to work with GRUB 2.06 for both efi-x86_64 and pc-i386. With GRUB 2.12 however, efi-x86_64 does no longer work.

I traced the problem by omitting the --pubkey argument to grub-mkrescue.

It seems that with GRUB 2.12 a special file is used to determine root, e.g. '(hd0)/.disk/2024-03-07-18-32-41-00.uuid'. This can be seen in the attached backtrace starting from grub_env_write_root where the correct root is set in the check_signatures=no configuration.

The relevant information in the backtrace is the command used to find and set root:

search --set=root --file /.disk/2024-03-07-17-16-00-00.uuid

This correctly sets root to (hd0), whereas with the --pubkey argument, root remains at (hd0,gpt2) (i.e. fwdevice). The problem seems to be that this file is not signed, so grub cannot open it. This results in the following error:

error: no such device: /.disk/2024-03-07-19-09-45-00.uuid.

The file is visible via the grub console however, but 'ls' on it returns:

error: not a directory.

Kind regards

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