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Possible security problem with change from version 1.3.11

From: Joerg Lehners
Subject: Possible security problem with change from version 1.3.11
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 18:53:29 +0200 (MEST)

From gzip-1.3.12/NEWS:

Major changes in Gzip 1.3.11 (2007-02-05)

* As per the GNU coding standards, the behavior of gzip and its
  companion executables no longer depend on the name used to invoke them.
  For example, 'gzip' and 'gunzip' are no longer hard links;
  instead, 'gunzip' is now a small program that invokes 'gzip -d'.

Looking into /usr/local/bin/gzunip:

joerg @ taifun> cat /usr/local/bin/gunzip #!/bin/bash
exec gzip -d "$@"
joerg @ taifun>

Hmmm, doesn't this open a new security hole?

Formerly a (possibly suid) program could do
        execl ("/usr/local/bin/gunzip", arg1, arg2, arg3, ...);
and was more or less safe to execute the well known program.

Now an attacker can trick this program with
        GZIP_BINDIR=/tmp/something program
to get /tmp/something/gzip executed.

But then: executing suid programes with possibly polluted environment
isn't safe anyway.

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