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Re: Trying to compile GZIP on AIX 4.3.3 IBM RS6000

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: Trying to compile GZIP on AIX 4.3.3 IBM RS6000
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 10:24:33 -0500
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address@hidden wrote:
I'm trying to compile and hopefully install gzip on our IBM RS 6000 AIX 4.3.3.
This is what I have tried. [snip previous attempts]

export CC

typed ./configure again and got the same message as above (compiler cannot 
create excecutables)

Enclosed is the config.log file

Any suggestions, words of wisdom...

Yes. It helps to actually look at the log. Let's do that...

configure:2674: cc --version >&5
./configure[2675]: cc:  not found

It seems that 'cc' is "not found". So either you have no 'cc' or it is not in your PATH. My guess is that there was a similar problem with 'xlc', and of course all of this would explain why on the first run 'configure' was unable to find a suitable compiler.

On my AIX 5.1 box, the compilers live in /usr/vacpp/bin. I would check if you have such a directory, and if there are compilers in it. If so, try this:

$ unset CC # let configure guess
$ PATH=/usr/vacpp/bin:$PATH # PATH is already exported
$ ./configure

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