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WG: Supposed bug found ==> fixed

From: Mecky, Walter (Allianz ASIC)
Subject: WG: Supposed bug found ==> fixed
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 10:02:55 +0200

Sorry about my message. Please ignore it.

*After* writing it I noticed that I did not test 1.3.12. And here this bug is 
fixed. What a shame ...


>Von:   Mecky, Walter (Allianz ASIC)  
>Gesendet:      Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008 09:34
>An:    'address@hidden'; 'address@hidden'
>Betreff:       Supposed bug found
>I don't know if these addresses are current and so first I want to ask if this 
>is the right one? I'm unsure because I found no newer stable version as 1.2.4 
>at www.gzip.org and www.gnu.org.
>I think I found a bug in gzip in all versions I explored: from 1.2.4 until 
>1.3.12: if gzip is killed by some signal, for example SIGINT generated by the 
>intr character from your tty, it does an exit(1). So the caller cannot detect 
>that gzip was killed. It seems as a normal exit with exitcode 1.
>So the shell shows in "$?" the value 1 which is wrong. It should be 128+2 or 
>256+2. Some shells, for example bash, continue a script which the user want to 
>terminate. They would not do this if they detect that a process dies because 
>it was killed.
>The fix would be easy: gzip should restore the signal handling to default 
>after catching the signal and send this signal again to itself. I changed the 
>sourcecode and can give it to you if you want?
>Walter Mecky
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