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unconditional SIGPIPE usage in gzip 1.6

From: Bdale Garbee
Subject: unconditional SIGPIPE usage in gzip 1.6
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 13:09:05 -0600
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Most of the SIGPIPE-related patch I've been carrying around in the
Debian gzip package is no longer necessary with 1.6, for which I thank
you.  However, there is still one unconditional use of SIGPIPE that
caused someone in Debian a problem at some point... might have been on a
Hurd or BSD system, I don't recall offhand.  In any case, I'm still
carrying this patch around in my 1.6-1 Debian package build.  Be nice to
have this merged upstream.


--- gzip-1.6.orig/gzip.c
+++ gzip-1.6/gzip.c
@@ -562,7 +562,11 @@ int main (int argc, char **argv)
     ALLOC(ush, tab_prefix1, 1L<<(BITS-1));
+#ifdef SIGPIPE
     exiting_signal = quiet ? SIGPIPE : 0;
+    exiting_signal = 0;
     install_signal_handlers ();
     /* And get to work */

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