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bug#42965: Wrong uncompressed size with option --list

From: Stephen Kitt
Subject: bug#42965: Wrong uncompressed size with option --list
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 10:51:37 +0200
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Hi Juan,

Le 21/08/2020 10:24, Juan Diaz a écrit :
I've seen that with large sized files (14G in this case) when I use
the "list" option I get wrong uncompressed size and the ratio, of
course, is wrong. I've tested it with versions 1.10 (last just
compiled) and 1.5 (system version).

This is a known limitation, described in the gzip manpage (see the BUGS section):

The gzip format represents the input size modulo 2^32, so the --list option reports incorrect uncompressed sizes and compression ratios for uncompressed files 4 GB and larger.

The documented workaround is to decompress the file and measure its size:

    zcat file.gz | wc -c



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