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bug#50249: new snapshot available: gzip-1.10.37-1957

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: bug#50249: new snapshot available: gzip-1.10.37-1957
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2021 12:58:55 +0200

I've pulled in the latest changes from gnulib, even though nothing
seems relevant to gzip.  Here's one last snapshot, just in case.
Expecting to release in the next two days.

gzip snapshot:
  https://meyering.net/gzip/gzip-ss.tar.xz      788 KB

ilu+8Fj/vScq1all+xJo2qcJ6RKghTJ3tpqX7oQ1QTU  gzip-1.10.37-1957.tar.xz

Changes in gzip since 1.10.34-aa73:

Jim Meyering (2):
      maint: don't send announcements to TP coordinator
      build: update gnulib to latest

Paul Eggert (1):
      gzip: clarify "other links" diagnostic

Changes in gnulib since 1.10.34-aa73:

* gnulib 1221876a7...93280a4bd (35):
  > base32, base64: fix broken tests
  > ialloc: relicense
  > fma: Fix compilation error on Linux/sh4.
  > sigabbrev_np, sigdescr_np: Fix compilation error on Linux/alpha, part 2.
  > Skip some tests when running under QEMU user-mode.
  > sigabbrev_np, sigdescr_np: Fix compilation error on Linux/alpha.
  > execle, execve, execvpe tests: Fix test failures under qemu user-mode.
  > base32, base64: prefer signed to unsigned integers
  > regex: also break glibc lib/regex.c link for now
  > autoupdate
  > regex: revert much of previous change
  > regex: fix typo in previous patch
  > regex: use C99-style array arg syntax
  > execute tests: Fix test failure when libtool is in use.
  > dfa: prefer idx_t to ptrdiff_t for nonnegative
  > snippet/unused-parameter: Mark unused module obsolete.
  > Make generated .in.h files as standalone as possible.
  > gnulib-common.m4: Clarify logic behind _GL_UNUSED_LABEL.
  > c-stack: depend on inttypes, mempcpy
  > mountlist: Use recommended syntax for _GL_UNUSED_LABEL.
  > gnulib-common.m4: Make _GL_UNUSED_LABEL effective for clang.
  > Oops, remove unintended file additions.
  > gnulib-common.m4: Use C2x [[maybe_unused]] when possible.
  > gnulib-common.m4: Document the gnulib-internal _GL_ATTRIBUTE_* macros.
  > doc: fix order of stdlib functions
  > c-stack: Test for libsigsegv once, not twice.
  > rawmemchr: Fix use in relocatable-prog-wrapper (regression 2021-08-20).
  > autoupdate
  > rawmemchr: modernize and simplify
  > autoupdate
  > c-stack: fix libsigsegv dependency
  > doc: Update for glibc 2.34.
  > memrchr-tests: port to GCC 12
  > snippet/_Noreturn: Fix typo
  > dynarray: merge from glibc

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