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Status of ftpfs?

From: oberg
Subject: Status of ftpfs?
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 15:19:40 -0700 (MST)

What is the current status of the ftpfs translator?
 The CVS logs show that most development was done by Miles Bader
 back in late 1997.  The CVS log for ftpfs.h also says that Mr. Bader has
 since left the FSF.  Other than a few updates from Roland McGrath,
 Thomas Bushnell, and Mark Kettenis, there hasnt been any changes
 recorded in CVS.  Is there a developer working on any of ftpfs 
 outside of CVS that anyone here knows of?  Mark Kettenis seems
 to be the latest contributor, but I dont want to assume.

What is the current state of ftpfs?  Buggy / Solid / in between?
 My Hurd setup is in flux with a machine swap, and I havent had 
 a chance to really test it myself, but I will soon.

Also, can it be compiled separately from the rest of the hurd sources?

This looks like what I would like to work on to contribute to the Hurd,
if no one else already has ownership.  I am not a professional developer,
so my contributions would be sparse and in need of peer review, but
Im confident I can fill in a few missing pieces and squash a few bugs.

Michael Oberg

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