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FreeDevelopers.net needs your help!

From: Daniel E Baumann
Subject: FreeDevelopers.net needs your help!
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 14:31:28 -0600

Hello all. As some of you may have seen on GNU project home page there is 
another project that the FSF has given it's seal of approval to and it's 
FreeDevelopers.net (http://www.freedevelopers.net). Here is a little bit 
about what we are trying to do:

FreeDevelopers is a democratic entity for the development of free software. 
The free company, probably the first of its kind in the world, will be owned 
and run by developers worldwide on a democratic basis in a sacred trust for 
the benefit and protection of the world's citizens. It will pay all 
developers to work on free software, and all developers will receive company 
shares and stock options, also. All software of the free company will be 
licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and remain free/open forever, 
because all software must be available to all current and future generations 
of developers, so that they can be the first line of defense to protect the 
world from the inevitable tyrannical tendencies of proprietary software.

We are still young and there are many details to be worked out, but as you 
can see we are trying something a bit different from the FSF. However, if you 
are strongly commited to Free software, the GNU project, and the GPL, I hope 
that you would consider joining us. We are trying to build a global company 
and change the software paradigm forever.

Daniel E Baumann       baumannd@msoe.edu
Web location:          http://www.msoe.edu/~baumannd
"Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code."
      -- Dave Olsen

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