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Re: FreeDevelopers.net needs your help!

From: Daniel E Baumann
Subject: Re: FreeDevelopers.net needs your help!
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 15:16:40 -0600

On Sunday 10 December 2000 14:31, Daniel E Baumann wrote:
> Hello all. As some of you may have seen on GNU project home page there is
> another project that the FSF has given it's seal of approval to and it's
> FreeDevelopers.net (http://www.freedevelopers.net). Here is a little bit
> about what we are trying to do:
> FreeDevelopers is a democratic entity for the development of free software.
> The free company, probably the first of its kind in the world, will be
> owned and run by developers worldwide on a democratic basis in a sacred
> trust for the benefit and protection of the world's citizens. It will pay
> all developers to work on free software, and all developers will receive
> company shares and stock options, also. All software of the free company
> will be licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and remain
> free/open forever, because all software must be available to all current
> and future generations of developers, so that they can be the first line of
> defense to protect the world from the inevitable tyrannical tendencies of
> proprietary software.
> We are still young and there are many details to be worked out, but as you
> can see we are trying something a bit different from the FSF. However, if
> you are strongly commited to Free software, the GNU project, and the GPL, I
> hope that you would consider joining us. We are trying to build a global
> company and change the software paradigm forever.

Sorry for "spamming" the lists. Maybe I should've contacted those of you that 
I have gotten to know on an individual basis. However, this is not a get rich 
quick scheme and I figured not everyone is subscribed to all lists. This is 
just another "fight" for free software and those who are interested and have 
the time I would like to recruit. I am really not any kind of leader (yet) 
although some over there are looking for me to lead, don't ask me why I have 
no idea why they feel this way. Anyway this is a legitimate cause and I hope 
I have not offended anyone further (sorry Jeff). Please give it some 
consideration and thought. You will hear no more from me about this. I just 
wanted to put it out there in case some were not aware.

Daniel E Baumann       baumannd@msoe.edu
Web location:          http://www.msoe.edu/~baumannd
"Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code."
      -- Dave Olsen

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