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Re: aha 2920 adaptec [en]

From: Ripclaw
Subject: Re: aha 2920 adaptec [en]
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 17:30:54 +0100

> hello Stefan
> Excuse me
> i try to translate but my english is not very good

thats ok, my french is not existant.
and i`ld rather be able to help you
>  hello
>  I do not know if it can give service to you but i try
>  I am user of SuSE Linux 7.0 and I download the versions of hurd
> progressively
> the last marcus tar.gz works extremely well on a mother board matsonic
> with one  celeron 400 MHz

nice to hear.
> I have to changed this card for a dfi motherboard with an amd duron
> 750mhz processor
> linux continues of working well with any changes on the disk partition
> of linux
> the hurd with any changeson its partition  now stops on the detection of
>  the card aha 2920  adaptec
> at the load time of the set of??  instructions before detecting the
> agfascan scanner
> i have had this problem with linux when i change 2.0.36 kernel for the
> 2.2.?.Next version had fixed
> the  problem
> I hope  that that will be able to advance the shmilblick!!
> pîerre has soon > >

could be a whole bunch of possible
problems - try to
determine at which point it stops
mail that to the list, preferrably in
english (more people understand).
- does GRUB work
- does it start loading
- presumeably it stops here someplace,
        try to mail us the last few lines it

kind regards,


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