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Re: Reboots?

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: Reboots?
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 03:02:13 -0400 (EDT)

> I should mention something. I attached two gdbs, and exited the first one
> before the second. 

Ah.  Well I would be unsurprised if that confused things a lot further.
Obviously this is not a case that matters, but we would like gdb's
treatment of tasks to be robust and clean in all cases ideally.  It would
be good to figure out what untoward thing gdb was doing vis a vis suspend
counts or suchlike.  

> Anyway, I sticked with one gdb only this time and it didn't crash. The
> subhurd reported that it can't emulate the crash and would reboot the Hurd
> now, after exiting gdb. So the kernel panic thread_invoke is either a random
> crash or a side effect of the two gdbs (would need to do more testing to
> find out. Reproducing the crash takes about one hours, so I'd like to avoid
> that).

Well, put it on the list of things to figure out one of these days.  We
would like to know what sequence of events confused the kernel so it
panicked, and fix the kernel to be robust in the face of such situations.
If it turns out that the sequence of events is one that shouldn't ever
happen because gdb was being nutty, then we want to fix both the kernel and
gdb.   But certainly we have many other things more pressing to worry about.

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