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the hurd source code included at hurd.gnu.org

From: Jim Franklin
Subject: the hurd source code included at hurd.gnu.org
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 13:20:09 -0700

Hi folks,
 It's been brought to the attention of the folks working on the hurd.gnu.org
website that some of the most important documentation for the hurd is to be
found in the hurd source code itself.
 Why not include the hurd source code at the hurd.gnu.org website?
 This approach at a gnu.org website has not been tried to my knowledge. Many
questions are brought up as well. Should we use a static snapshot from the
cvs archives or should we attempt to hook into the dynamic hurd in progress
at the cvs repository? Since the hurd development is a dynamic process any
static snapshot would quickly become outdated but it would present an
unchanging reference for continuity of hacking discussions and
documentation. A static snapshot would also be easier to format and enter as
a webpage. A dynamic link into the hurd cvs repository on the other hand
would be a cutting edge tool for hurd hacking discussions.
 My preference would be for the dynamic link. Ognyan Kulev has mentioned a
desire to get the GNUMach source code on the website as well. He feels a CGI
interface should be the way to go. Jeff Bailey has asked us to consider
indexing the source code with a tool such as glimpse (webglimpse?).
 I am reviewing the possibilities at the moment and so input and/or offers
of assistance would be greatly appreciated. My background is in working with
databases and this is a bit beyond me at the moment. However I am determined
that we should in some way present the source code on the website. My next
step will be to try to gain assistance from the webmasters@gnu.org folks.
 The inclusion of the source seems the best way of exposing and recruiting
new developers for hacking the hurd. That will be the main thrust of my
efforts when creating the hurd.gnu.org website as opposed to just offering
information on the hurd in general, although that should be accomplished by

Jim Franklin

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