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Re: serial line speed of 115200

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: serial line speed of 115200
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 20:41:05 -0400 (EDT)

> GNU Mach currently only supports speedsup to 38400.

The com driver actually goes to 57600, I think.  
But chario.c checks NSPEEDS.

> Will it work to set a divisor of "1" in i386/i386at/com.c and a new symbol
> "B115200 16" in include/device/tty_status.h to implement 115200 speed?

No, but it will work if you add B57600 16 and B115200 17, and make NSPEEDS 18.

> I know zip about modem programming, and it might require some special setup
> to get working. I tried to look at the linux kernel code, but it is covering
> too much hardware to be comprehensible for me.

It looks to me like linux would do the same thing for 115200 that gnumach
would do with that change.

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