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Re: Linux Binary Compatibility

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: Linux Binary Compatibility
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 04:53:46 +0200

> I'm not arguing for Free Software only.  One of the things I like best
> about us sharing a libc with Linux is that porting *should* be no
> harder than a recompile.  Part of the Debian/Hurd porters work is to
> help remove any recompile barriers from thousands of programs.

> I feel that by permitting people to run their binaries on our system,
> we'll be 'another Linux port'.  There will be no reason to mention
> "Runs on the Hurd".  Ultimately, people will begin to demand that we
> do things the way Linux does.  GNU's not Unix, but Linux is.  GNU
> permits us the freedom to do things differently, and hopefully better.
Yes, I understand and share your concerns here. Actually, implementing
this binary compatibility could be more harmful to the project (by
diverting people from recompiling) than beneficial. Hmmm..., that's
an interesting perspective.

Anyway, I didn't consider the issue from this perspective as I asked
about that glibc trick (didn't get a reply yet); just being interested
in the technical way to do it. I'll have to read more about ELF and
exec() to figure it out.

Thanks for the feedback.

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