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SawMill Multiserver vs. the Hurd

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: SawMill Multiserver vs. the Hurd
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 01:14:03 +0200


the following paper describes the SawMill L4-based multiserver that
is being developed at Big Blue:


AFAIK, Sawmill didn't release any sources (yet?), but some of their
(mainly) architecture papers are available. It's quite interesting
to compare the Hurd's architecture to Sawmill's, especially considering
the differences between Mach and L4.

Is someone here involved directly or indirectly with SawMill project?
It would be quite interesting to compare the Hurd's and SawMill's
architectures, and probably even merge useful ideas. Hmmm...

People interested in porting the Hurd to L4 are invited to join the
l4-hurd@gnu.org mailing list. l4-hurd was put on hold some time ago,
since we didn't find volunteers with expertise in thread libraries
(we need a n:m-multiplexing thread-library for L4), but we should
IMHO have a new try at it. Please note that I'm not trying to drag
resources away from bug-hurd, but rather looking for Hurd hackers
that could help make the Hurd even better ;-).



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