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GRUB 0.90 is released

From: Gordon Matzigkeit
Subject: GRUB 0.90 is released
Date: 12 Jul 2001 13:08:58 -0600

I'm pleased to announce the release of GRUB 0.90.  This is the first
of our prereleases leading up to GRUB 1.0, and we encourage you to
verify that it works in your environment.

You can get it, and its floppy image, from

Send any comments or bug reports to bug-grub@gnu.org

Here is the relevant NEWS:

New in 0.90 - 2001-07-11:
* The command "setkey" resets key mappings, when no argument is
* Linux devfs support is added.
* The utility ``grub-install'' accepts a new option, `--recheck'. If
  this option is specified, probe a device map, even if it already
  exists. You should use this option whenever you add/remove a disk.
* The command "password" supports a md5 password if the option `--md5'
  is given.  This command can now also be used to protect specific menu
  items with their own passwords.
* New command, "displayapm".
* New command, "md5crypt".
* The new utility ``grub-md5-crypt'' is a frontend of the grub shell. It
  encrypts a password in MD5 format.
* New commands, "testvbe" and "vbeprobe".
* The configure script accepts a new option, `--enable-preset-menu'. You
  can embed an arbitrary configuration which will be used when Stage 2
  cannot open a real configuration file, with this option. The argument
  must be an existing file.
* EZ-BIOS support is added.
* Booting Windows from a logical partition is supported.
* The example Multiboot kernel in the directory "docs" is built, if you
  specify the option `--enable-example-kernel' to the configure script.
* New command, "ifconfig".
* Linux software RAID support is added (only for RAID-1).
* Hercules support is added.
* The configure script now accepts `--disable-auto-linux-mem-opt', which
  has the same meaning as you specify the option `--no-mem-option' to the
  command "kernel".
* Jump to the physical entry address of a Multiboot kernel when booting
  it up. The old behavior was to use the virtual one, regardless of the
  setting of the physical address.
* The commands "bootp" and "dhcp" accepts a new option
  `--with-configfile', so that you can load a remotely specified
  configuration file automatically, like the network boot images.
* VSTa filesystem support is added.
* ELF symbol loading support is added.


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