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RE: how it works: hurd users

From: Jim Franklin
Subject: RE: how it works: hurd users
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:01:01 -0700

I think new developers would find it useful as well.

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Subject: Re: how it works: hurd users

> here is something that hopefully helps people to understand how the Hurd
> user model works.  It is of course far from perfect, not complete, etc
> and it is certainly not supposed to be a replacement for proper
> documentation (in fact, I don't even think it is adequate as a base for
> I hope it is useful for developers and people who want to become
> and people who can turn this into good documentation, maybe as an addition
> the Hurd info manual.
Well done, Marcus. This is exactly the bird's eye view on an important
component of the Hurd that developer newbies need to get started. If you
would be willing to write more intros about other parts from time to time,
that would be great!


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