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oskit-mach status update: ... it's ALIVE!!!

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: oskit-mach status update: ... it's ALIVE!!!
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 22:00:40 -0400
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After mucking around with oskit versions. I've finally come up
with a combination that works.

I downloaded the oskit-20000202 snapshot, changed the linux tulip driver
to the one from linux-2.2.19 and compiled it with --enable-debug.
Then I compiled the CVS version of oskit-mach also with debugging
enabled. However to work properly with this version of oskit, it
required a small patch which is attached below. The oskit-20000505
snapshot might work as well, but the later ones do not work for sure.
There are problems with the afore mentioned 0th page bug, and
even more problems with the linux IDE code.

Subsequently, everything worked perfectly. I now have a running Hurd
system with with a console on a serial line going to my main box.
So now I can do all sorts of funky stuff with debugging different
crashes. And hopefully this will be my much sought after permanent
Hurd installation.


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