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Re: Call for Projects

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: Call for Projects
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:07:57 +0200
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> I plan to set up and publish every month a list of Hurd projects. I'd like
> to include active and not active or abandoned projects.
> The list intended to give an overview about work around the Hurd and a
> starting point for people willing to join.

I think this is not a bad idea, however, I do not think that there are
that many people working on long projects.  For instance, personally, I
will hack on something for a week and then move on to something else.  A
month later, after some good reflection, I will come back to it.

> I want to incorporate this list in the regulary anounce in the Hurd
> Orientation document. What would you suggest, Neal, would a link to this
> list be ok?

If you create something nice and keep it up to date, I do not have a
problem with this.  However, I refuse to endorse anything that is

My personal list is (in no real order):

o Posix file locking: Pending review from fellow developers.
o Porting PPP: Currently working on it.
o Porting Parted: Almost done (next after PPP).
o POSIX Shared Memory: Will come back to it soon.
o partfs: Waiting on parted.
o dhcp: Currently working on it.
o POSIX Semaphores: Pending time.
o Variety of other small things.
o Bug stomping (floppy, large memory, tmpfs, groups, high speed (>38400)
  com ports).


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