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Re: ppp

From: Daniel E Baumann
Subject: Re: ppp
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 06:07:20 -0500
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On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 09:39:44AM -0500, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> > The LSMers said let there be ppp.  And there was:
> > 
> >     ftp://walfield.org/pub/people/neal/ppp/ppp-latest.tar.gz
> There is now a new version -- same location.  I went ahead and
> downloaded the latest version of the upstream packages (ppp-010718) and
> was about to merge my changes in when I realized that the port had
> originally been done completely wrong -- all that was done was cut out
> code rather than make a few small changes.  I therefore redid the entire
> thing.  It is 100% ported to GNU/Hurd, 90% to GNU/Linux (it does not
> automatically setup the tunnel interface nor do we do routing or arp).

Well it's nice to know that I did something completely wrong.
> When I saw ported, I mean that I see the same behavior on GNU/Hurd and
> GNU/Linux minus things we do not (yet) support.  Which implies, there
> are
> a few upstream bugs and I hope to merge in the new code.  Yes, I just
> checked, he released something today.  I will merge this is and finish
> off the Linux stuff.  Then I will submit it upstream.
> Ok.  Show me your appreciation and tell me that it works and what does
> not.

Wasn't breaking out those files that needed multiple changes into their own copy
in a hurd subdirectory much cleaner and saner than sprinkling those files with
#ifdef this #ifndef that (and no I am not talking about the conditionals for
headers, but the ones for whole different function implementations)?

Daniel E Baumann      danielb@freedevelopers.net 

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