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eepro100 new driver for gnumach-1.2

From: Kapil H. Paranjape
Subject: eepro100 new driver for gnumach-1.2
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 08:14:34 +0530
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Enclosed is a tar.gz of various files that are required to
incorporate the eepro100.c driver from linux-2.2.19 into gnumach.
I have not made a diff since the files need to be added to the tree
except for the driver file eepro100.c which changed substantially
from linux-2.0.x to linux-2.2.x


Here is the README:

This directory (eepro100_for_gnumach) contains the files that made my
eepro100 ID2499 card work with gnumach-1.2; it should work for other
eepro100 chips that work with the linux-2.2.19 driver. Rebuttals

README:                 this file
mini-HOWTO:             Comments on the changes made which may be
                        relevant in order to port other drivers.
eepro100.c.2.2.19:      the original driver from linux version 2.2.19
eepro100.c.diff:        the diff between eepro100.c.2.2.19 and
                        eepro100.c as included.
eepro100.c:             The modified eepro100.c
compatmac.h:            Unchanged from
spinlock.h:             Unchanged from
hardirq.h:              Unchanged from

The last four files are actually required to be placed in the gnumach
tree as follows.

eepro100.c -> gnumach-1.2/linux/src/drivers/net/eepro100.c
compatmac.h -> gnumach-1.2/linux/src/include/linux/compatmac.h
spinlock.h -> gnumach-1.2/linux/src/include/linux/spinlock.h
hardirq.h -> gnumach-1.2/linux/src/include/linux/hardirq.h

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