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Re: proc changes for rusage

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: proc changes for rusage
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 01:24:02 +0200
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On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 06:51:56PM -0400, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I checked in different fixes for two bugs (zeroing p_pi and returning the
> wrong pid).  If there are any bugs remaining in the current code, please
> describe the failure modes.

Excuse me;  I should have been a bit more verbose.

There are two callers of REAP, one at wait.c:206 and the second at
wait.c:218.  The first expects *PID_STATUS to be set to be set to PID
and the second expects it to be set to CHILD->p_pid.  Therefore, your
patch does not fix the problem.

Secondly, the if statement at the beginning of REAP adds nothing to the
code except to make it a good deal harder to see the intension.
Therefore, I would like you to reconsider and apply my change or a
similar one.


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