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Re: Getting rid of serverboot

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: Getting rid of serverboot
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 05:13:34 -0400 (EDT)

I've just made several commits of untested code that should implement most
of this, but surely needs some loose ends fixed up and some debugging done.

Some changes are in the hurd source tree under boot/ and serverboot/.  The
first thing to do is make sure that a new `boot' rebuilt from the current
cvs state still works to boot a sub-hurd.  The second thing to do is make
sure that a new serverboot still works to boot a hurd for real.

On the kernel side, I've checked in changes on the oskit-branch.
But you can just take kern/bootstrap.c from oskit-branch and plop
it into your gnumach tree (or "cvs up -r oskit-branch kern/bootstrap.c"
in your gnumach tree) and it will build ok.

Right now this new kern/bootstrap.c contains
`#include "../../hurd/boot/boot_script.h"',
so it only builds right if you have your hurd source tree as ../hurd
relative to your mach source tree.  (After this gets working, I will rectify
this before checking in the changes to the gnumach trunk.)

The first thing to test with the new kernel is that an old-style boot still
works.  It checks if there is exactly one multiboot module and its module
string contains no spaces (i.e. "/boot/serverboot"), and uses (mostly) the
old code in that case.  Please make sure I haven't broken this before
getting into debugging the new functionality.

I will continue to tie up loose ends in the new boot-script code in
kern/bootstrap.c as they come to mind, and check in those changes.  If you
have fixes, send cvs diff -u output so I can see the rev number you started


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