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This Weeks Sale... All Combo Pkg\'s $79.99

From: Spawn Devices
Subject: This Weeks Sale... All Combo Pkg\'s $79.99
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 20:43:10 -0700

Well it seems the www.spawndevices.com $15 - $25 buck boots and emu\'s made a 
few of you happy.... good... glad to hear it... Well the special for you this 
week is all Combo Packages are $79.99... Your choice an Emu or a Bootstrap 
(DPBB) with either a Dual Crystal ISO or a WT2-X unlooper... your call. 
Hope you all Have a Great Weekend... and thanks for the great response on the 
product lines. {:-)
PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG ON to www.spawndevices.com and enter to win anyone of 
our great products...FREE WEEKLY DRAWS...


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