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[address@hidden: [Ann/CfP] SANE 2002 - May 27-31, 2002 (3rd Int'l System

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: [address@hidden: [Ann/CfP] SANE 2002 - May 27-31, 2002 (3rd Int'l System Administration & Networking Conference)]
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:19:21 +0200 (CEST)


here's another excellent platform to present the Hurd and L4. Both
previous SANE conferences were really interesting and very well
frequented. Any takers?


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Subject: [Ann/CfP] SANE 2002 - May 27-31, 2002 (3rd Int'l System Administration 
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                      Announcement and Call for Papers

             ____    _    _   _ _____   ____   ___   ___ ____  
            / ___|  / \  | \ | | ____| |___ \ / _ \ / _ \___ \ 
            \___ \ / _ \ |  \| |  _|     __) | | | | | | |__) |
             ___) / ___ \| |\  | |___   / __/| |_| | |_| / __/ 
            |____/_/   \_\_| \_|_____| |_____|\___/ \___/_____|

                     3rd International SANE Conference

                              May 27-31, 2002

                        Maastricht, The Netherlands

 A conference organized by the NLUUG, the UNIX User Group - The Netherlands
              co-sponsored by USENIX and NLnet Foundation


Technology is  advancing, the systems administration  profession is changing
rapidly,  and you  have  to master  new skills  to  keep apace.  At the  3rd
International   SANE  (System   Administration  and   Networking)  technical
conference and tutorial tracks you'll find a wealth of opportunities to meet
other  system  administrators  and  network  (security)  professionals  with
similar interests,  while attending a program that  brings you the latest in
tools, techniques,  security and  networking. You can  learn from tutorials,
refereed  papers and  invited  talks. Visit  the Vendor  Exhibition  for the
hottest products and the latest books available.
The official language at the conference will be English. The conference will
be located at the Maastricht Exposition and Conference Center, MECC.


 Extended abstracts due:    October 1, 2001
 Notification to speakers: November 1, 2001
 Final papers due:           March 29, 2002


On  Monday,   Tuesday  and  Wednesday,  a   large  selection  of  practical,
problem-solving,  in-depth tutorials will  be presented  to you by  the most
authoritative, popular and widely acclaimed speakers in the field.
If you're  interested in presenting a tutorial or  would like to share ideas
about  what would  make  a terrific  tutorial, please  contact the  Tutorial
Coordinator by e-mail to: <sane2002-tut-chair@nluug.nl>


Thursday and  Friday will offer comprehensive  technical sessions, including
keynote address,  presentations of  refereed papers and  invited talks. Join
peers and  gurus during the  enjoyable social event and  the dazzling inSANE

The  SANE 2002  conference seeks  original and  innovative papers  about the
applications,  architecture,  implementation,  performance  and security  of
modern computing systems and  IP networks. Papers that analyze problem areas
and  draw important  conclusions  from practical  experience are  especially
Presentations are being solicited in areas including but not limited to:

   * Security tools and techniques: IPSEC, Network Intrusion Detection
     Systems, Firewalls, VPNs, practical cryptography, auditing and computer
   * Attacks against networks and machines, including denial-of-service
   * Adventures in nomadic and wireless computing
   * Web security fundamentals and practical web site maintenance
   * Integrating new networking technologies like IPv6
   * Network monitoring and traffic shaping solutions
   * System and network performance tuning
   * Managing enterprise-wide email and fighting SPAM
   * Innovative system administration tools and techniques
   * Distributed or automated system administration


Papers for the technical sessions will be reviewed by the program committee.
An award will be given at the conference for the best paper in this track.
An extended abstract is  required for the paper selection process. Abstracts
must be submitted through the web form:


Abstracts accompanied by  non-disclosure agreement  forms are not acceptable
and will be returned unread.

Authors of  accepted submissions must provide  a final paper for publication
in the  conference proceedings. These  final papers are held  in the highest
confidence prior  to publication in the  conference proceedings. By agreeing
to present  your paper at SANE 2002, you also give  license to the SANE 2002
conference organizers that it may be published on the NLUUG web site.


Program chair <sane2002-prog-chair@nluug.nl>
  Edwin Kremer, TUNIX Open System Consultants, Nijmegen, NL

Tutorial Coordinator <sane2002-tut-chair@nluug.nl>
  Jos Alsters, C&CZ, KU Nijmegen, NL

Program Committee
  Jaap Akkerhuis, Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland, Arnhem, NL
  Walter Belgers, AT Computing, Nijmegen, NL
  Ate Brink, Department of Computer Science, Utrecht University, NL
  Rudi van Drunen, Leiden Cytology and Pathology Lab, NL
  Peter Honeyman, CITI, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  Brad Knowles, Brussels, Belgium
  Brenda Langedijk, ITSX, Amsterdam, NL
  Alexios Zavras, Lucent Technologies -- Bell Labs, Athens, Greece
  Kristijan Zimmer, FER / HrOpen, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Event Organization <sane2002-org@nluug.nl>
  Jack Jansen, project coordinator, Oratrix, Amsterdam, NL
  Wytze van der Raay, treasurer, NLnet Foundation
  Marielle Klatten, conference organizer, ICONIQ, Amsterdam, NL

      Complete program and registration information will be available in
    December 2001. For the latest information about the conference, please
           visit the SANE 2002 web site: http://www.nluug.nl/sane/

    For questions not being answered at this web site, please contact the
              ICONIQ office by e-mail: <sane2002-info@nluug.nl>

Best regards,

- -- 
                                                  _____            _   OSC
Edwin Kremer <edwin@tunix.nl>                    |_   _|   _ _ __ (_)_  __
TUNIX Open System Consultants BV                   | || | | | '_ \| \ \/ /
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