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Re: Adding new device support

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: Adding new device support
Date: 15 Sep 2001 14:23:44 +0100
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        Hi Hendrik,

>>>>> "HG" == Hendrik Groeneveld <hendrik@HG.COM> writes:

        It seems to me that the Hurd developers would like
      gnumach/OSKit to routinely keep up to date with the latest
      stable (say) Linux. It's just that they have other priorities at
      the moment.  

        Sounds like a good project for *someone*, however.

    HG> OK, off my soap-box and back to my original question. I need
    HG> support for a Promise 20267 IDE controller because that's what
    HG> the system I have available for Hurd is using. What is the
    HG> best way to proceed? Do I hack up the code from the current
    HG> Linux to try to glue it into what currently exists in gnumach?
    HG> What about updating the subsystem to the current version of
    HG> Linux (2.4.9 as of today)? What is the long term direction?
        It seems to me that you understand the issues as well as
      anyone. *You* decide which way to do it.  The Hurd developers
      will be most pleased with the longest-term general solution
      (which probably means make OSKit up to date with current Linux).
      I would imagine that it depends on your motivation and skills. 
    HG> Before I proceed I would like some input from the people with
    HG> "the big picture". 

        That would be Roland :) (in this respect, at least).

    HG> I would like to know that the effort will be useful to the
    HG> community at large and that there is a reasonable chance of
    HG> getting my changes incorporated into the "distribution" so
    HG> that I won't have to repeat the process every time I update my
    HG> code base.

        Almost certainly yes - but the project you need to address is
      The OSKit Project - not really the Hurd.  I say this because
      there seems to be more enthusiasm for OSKit-mach and several of
      the developers wouldn't mind seeing the back of gnumach.

        And The OSKit Project, is, AFAIK, not entirely a volunteer
      effort :).  You should get in touch with them.

        Good Luck,



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