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couple of items

From: donny phillips
Subject: couple of items
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 13:58:12 +0100 (BST)


  thanks for all the GNU/HURD stuff,I am really getting into this stuff.

I just did the F3 install. (following instructions from )


all went well and I used dselect to add other pkgs

problems I have had

screen is having a problem that I did not have in the F2 cd install

when I lock
c-a c-x  I can never unlock as I could in the F2

I got X to work after going through the helps I could find
but my ps/2 mouse is quite broke

I could not ./MAKEDEV mouse in /dev  (is that correct ?)

I touched /dev/mouse
I then did   settrans /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse --protocol=ps/2

x looks great (fvwm) put when I touch the mouse it jumps all
over the screen and is useless, I use ctl alt bksp to get out

Did I get the mouse done right or did I miss something major



any links you have to point to would be appreciated


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