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webTrax.TV! -SUPERIOR ecommerce and web analysis tool!

From: webTrax.TV
Subject: webTrax.TV! -SUPERIOR ecommerce and web analysis tool!
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 12:40:30 -0800

webTrax.TV - is an all inclusive, integrated, easy to use web and ecommerce tracking and analysis system!

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Start making Money by getting your ecommerce and web promotions on Track – webTrax.TV!

Beat the Competition using the most innovative tool for tracking the
    success of your website promotions.

Save Time by cutting through all the unnecessary information generated by
    standard ecommerce and web logs.

Feel comfortable that you’re utilizing the same proven technology
    Global 1000 Executives use to manage corporate performance!

Save money! We’ve bundled this special application for you, and priced it
    at a fraction of the cost.

Control the important information you track using webTrax.TV.

Be a Genius! with your boss using webTrax.TV’s powerful dynamic charting and
    graphing capability.

Have Fun while Slicing, and dicing your key performance indicators using our
    animated SuperGUI.

Be confident having crucial knowledge about your prospects ecommerce and website activities.

webTrax.TV is the easiest tracking tool to implement by simply adding one line
of html to any email or web page. Start tracking activity in less than 30 minutes!

The software includes everything you need:
Application Server (for logging your hits)
SQLServer Compatible Database
Web based SuperGUI for navigation, analysis and presentation
Prepackaged performance views
WebTrax administrator 
Examples of advanced tracking techniques

CLICK HERE to see webTrax.TV now!

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