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Re: GNU Mach on Alpha

From: Andrew M. Miklic
Subject: Re: GNU Mach on Alpha
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 12:19:23 -0700

> >     I have completed a very initial (it compiles but does not yet boot)
> > of GNU Mach to the Alpha processor--would anyone be willing to review
> > submit this patch?
> I've not downloaded the patch yet, but do you know we are going to
> switch to the OSKit version of gnumach soon? This means that at least
> part of the arch-specific code will be in the OSKit.

I knew that it was planned at some point, but I'd heard from the l4 guys
that active development on GNU Mach had stopped, so I didn't really think
anyone was going forward with this--when is the switch planned for,

Also, do you know which parts of the arch-specific code will be in OSKit
(or, if it's easier, which parts will _not_ be in OSKit)?

Finally, I didn't think that OSKit had been ported to 64-bits--is this not

Andrew Miklic

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