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Re: looking for snapshot hurd build (was: Re: system crash when much dis

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: looking for snapshot hurd build (was: Re: system crash when much disk io)
Date: 08 Apr 2002 14:44:41 -0400
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> Problem is: I no longer have a hurd build system now :(  (And I've heard
> people stating crosscompiling the hurd is a major pita.)  It would be
> cool if anybody could build a snapshot hurd Debian binary package for
> me.  I guess I could install it from within the GNU/Linux system running
> on the box, using dpkg's --root=/gnu flag, or, even better, running
>  dpkg-deb --extract hurd_foo.deb /gnu/
> to prevent the postinst script to fail.  I only want to reinstall the
> hurd if _really_ _everything_ else fails.

Well, you have a few choices. As you have already mentioned, you can
just use the latest Hurd package and dpkg -x.  Another alternative is
to just extract ext2fs.static from the package and replace your
current ext2fs.static and *ext2fs* with it (the latter because the old
ext2fs is not compatible with the new Hurd libraries).  Then, you can
reinstall or recompile, however, you still have the minor bug that
your file tails may be wrong (that is what the patch fixed). Another
choice is to get access to another Hurd box and compile the Hurd on
it.  I will reply to you privately on how I can help you do this.

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