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Aristotle Q2 2002 Report A1

From: address@hidden
Subject: Aristotle Q2 2002 Report A1
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 15:29:14 +0900 (KST)



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                     Q2, 2002 Report To Subscribers

The Internet's commercial start was in 1993 and in Q2 the total users worldwide will exceed 500,000,000. In the next thirty months, the number of Internet users will double again to one billion.

The biggest growth in Internet users will come from high-speed cellular, digital television, PDAs, and voice. Does your Web Site allow for cellular and PDA users?

In Q2, the number of cellular users will exceed the number of land lines in the world. Total cellular users currently exceed 1,050,000,000.

Doing business via cell phones is termed mCommerce. The Mobile Commerce team is counting on a new generation of service called the `Third Generation' or 3G. Real 3G service is limited to Tokyo and a few European cities.

North America is working on 2.5G; which translates to Internet delivery at 64Kbs, versus the existing 19.2 Kbs. Look for better speeds and more services in 2003.

The world of electronic purchasing on the Internet is increasing along household income lines: 75% of households with more than $75,000 have bought online; while 25% of the $25,000 income group has bought online.

Older shoppers buy more online: 56% of the 35-54 year old segment has made online purchases versus only 42% of 18-24 year olds.

Hot numbers from CEIR: 9 out of 10 American companies have an exhibition budget for 2002; of which 40% will be greater than 2001 and 50% will remain the same.

In Q2, for the first time, more traffic will be delivered over high-speed Internet than dial-up. Dial-up users still out-number high-speed users two to one.

Please take a minute and tell us what is important to you in Q2 and beyond:


Are they important to you?


Critical OK Not
Monetizing my organization’s intellectual property?
Adding electronic connectivity to my organizations meetings?
Spotlight on new technology for traveling executives?
Creating and marketing travel destinations that can be booked online?
Creating an integrated electronic business plan for my organization?
Electronic marketing and management of trade shows?
Developing new positive cash flow from the Internet?


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