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Re: parted store module

From: Niels M철ller
Subject: Re: parted store module
Date: 14 Apr 2002 14:34:21 +0200
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Damien Genet <damien.genet@free.fr> writes:

> or don't use automake, whereas parted use automake (really ugly)

You don't have to use libtool just because you use automake (just as
you don't have to use automake just because you use autoconf).

Put the rules for building the shared library into Makefile.am, and
either hardcode the appropriate compiler and linker flags for a GNU
ELF system, or hack configure.in if you want to select the flags in a
more complex way.

I also don't agree that it is "ugly" to not have all parts of a
package use automake. automake explicitly supports projects with
subdirectories that use a fix Makefile.in (or even a fixed Makefile).
If some parts don't need automake or autoconf or libtool, it makes
sense to not use them. Keep things as simple as possible (but no
simpler ;-).


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