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Aristotle Update D2

From: address@hidden
Subject: Aristotle Update D2
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:38:37 -0400


April 26, 2002

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 The Net Turns to Rich Media

Roy B. Evans, CAE

Everyone is looking for Internet advertising that will help with branding; e-sales; and to drive traffic to their Web Sites.  The answer is `Rich Media', which includes Macromedia's Flash and TV ads re-purposed for the net.  The old banner ad is dying rapidly and being replaced by television-like commercials.

  In Brief

Aristotle Editors

New reports from major advertisers including DoubleClick tell of the movement toward television like advertisements on the Internet.  They believe `multimedia image ads' will increase effectiveness 70% over banner ads.  One more nail in the banner ad coffin.

The combo device of Q2, 2002 is predicted to be the Handspring Treo 180 with cell phone, Palm style PDA, and eMail.  At $400 and $40/month this may solve a lot of your connectivity problems.  Click here for more "In Brief".

Your Career

David C. Miles

As Chairman of Miles/LeHane Group, David C. Miles discusses the impact September 11, had on your career and your management style.  Quoting futurist Joel Barker, this insightful article will make you think about what your future holds for you, not just for today, but for tomorrow.

 Lines and Silos and Squares, Oh My!

Bruce Butterfield, CAE, APR

Associations need to move to a different organizational model to breakdown functional silos. A "cellular" approach will clarify relationships and signal that the organization "walks the talk" of internal collaboration.

 `High Five'? No, `Wi-Fi'!

Arthur G. Esch, Jr.

We keep hearing about `Fast Cellular' or `3G' - the third generation of cellular. The real story is that Wireless LANs are winning the day. And why not? They are much faster, cheaper, and they work! If you are in the hospitality or tourism business, this is critical to understand.

Molds in The Environment

Dr. Jp Leskie

In Part 1 of this series Dr. Leskie explains molds role's and dangers in our environment. By following this series you will be able to recognize and hopefully prevent the growth and spread of molds and toxins in your home and workspace.


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Tysons Corner

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