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From: Vincent orji
Subject: Private
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:00:21 +0200

Dear friend,


I am making this venture proposal to you, as a
reliable partner. I got your contact from your country
business guide as a reliable person/company in a
related area of my interest for investment. The money
I want to invest was acquired from the late Nigeria
President(General Sanni Abacha) vault account then I
was his financial adviser.

I have successfully moved this money out of Nigeria
through a security finance company to HOLLAND. The
amount involved is US$45 million. I have waited for 4yrs
since the change of government to be sure that all is well
and just recently the Abacha family reached an agreement
with the present government to refund us$1.2billion in change for 
the government to
hands off or stop any persecution or tracing of funds missing 
during that rule.
  Though this funds have no direct link to the family,
The above agreement augurs well for our transaction.
The funds will be shared on completion of the transfer thus: 1. 
20% for
the foreign partner (you). 2. 80% for us (which we
want to invest in your country).

Presently, I work for the Nigerian Government as a
civil servant. If you will like to assist me as a
partner then indicate your interest after which we
shall both discuss on the modalities. All other
information relative to the presence of the funds will
be revealed to you as we progress on.

I will like my proposal to be kept confidential and
you can reach me urgently on my e-mail. please send your
response to  mvincentorji@SAFe-mail.net not any other mail box
indicate your telephone and fax number too.

Bye and God Bless,

DR.Vincent Orji

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