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gnumach-20020421 -- Realtek 8139 -- DLink DFE-538 Patch

From: Anthony Ventimiglia
Subject: gnumach-20020421 -- Realtek 8139 -- DLink DFE-538 Patch
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 09:25:55 -0400
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        I sent in a message yesterday explaining this patch, (subject:
rtl8139.c Driver Patch Submission). So the Patch is attatched. 

        This patch was made against the gnumach-20020421.tar.gz source
package. I'm not sure if that's the gnumach-1.x branch or the current
development branch. But it's a simple little patch which will basically
allow users to use the D-Link DFE 538-TX NIC's with gnumach.

        To apply the patch, unzip the patch file,  cd into the gnumach source 
directory and apply the patch with:

        $ patch -p1 < gnumach-20020421.rtl8139.diff

        This patch may also be useful if you have a rtl8139 based card
that is not recognized by the rtl8139.c module. This patch won't make it
work, but if you look at the diffs, and look at the Linux 2.4 8139too.c
module, you should see how to add support for your NIC.

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