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Email Marketing-Support Center

From: ADV Marketing
Subject: Email Marketing-Support Center
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:54:00 -1900

Need More Clients?

Increase Your Sales 15%-40% Every Month!

Targeted E-mail Marketing Is A Proven Method For Return Sales
With a database of over 150 million "targeted" addresses, we can reach your potential clients anywhere in the world. Our staff creates interactive ad campaigns, specifically targeted to your client base, and designed to produce staggering responses for your business. A steady lead source can make sure your sales team will consistently close deals.

The Greatest Return On Your Marketing Dollar
Targeted e-mail marketing is the most effective way to reach global and local markets with a small expense compared to that of conventional marketing. Quality work and a dedicated professional staff will ensure your ad campaign to be successful. Put our educated team of marketers to work for you.

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of our marketing specialists.

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