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Hospitality eBusiness by Corbin Ball and Much More

From: Aristotle Institute Update
Subject: Hospitality eBusiness by Corbin Ball and Much More
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 102 14:09:43 EDT


July 25, 2002
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  In Brief

Aristotle Editors

Keep track of the Internet demographics:  On the Internet in 2002 over multiple categories of Web sites; men have regained the lead by the narrowest of margins:  50.1% to 49.9% -- don’t need to change your thinking here.

But here is some new thinking for you:  20% of Internet users in 2002 are under 25 – smaller than most people thought.  20% are in the 25 to 35 bracket.  And 60% are over 35 – so much for the “Internet is only for younger people argument”.  Everyone needs to recalibrate their eMarketing!

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), announced that the combined B2C and B2B interactive marketing figure for 2002 will total $4 Bil.  Users will generate $36 Bil. in sales from this interactive marketing.  Spend a dollar and get $9.00 in return?

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Hospitality eBusiness 2002
  The Internet is revolutionizing every day life.  The average business person is spending a mind bending two hours every day with email.  JD Powers tells us 65% of new car sales are driven from Internet based research.  Here is the executive overview for 2002 – what moves to eBusiness in the hotel and events businesses, how to make money at it, and who is going to help us.  Click here to read this story.  

Toxic Mold Invades Congress

Dr. Jp Leskie

The growth of "toxic mold" is becoming a problem of monumental proportions. Exposure to mold growth in residential, public and commercial buildings is believed to have caused serious medical conditions which include bleeding lungs, digestive problems, hair loss, nausea, loss of memory, reduced cognitive skills, and death. 

 YnowK:  ‘NOW’ Is The Time To Be Ready

Arthur G. Esch, Jr.

You thought Y2K was difficult?  Today’s climate of terrorism and craziness makes this a more randomly dangerous time.  We call it YnowK – the time to be ready, is right ‘NOW’.  The United States and presumably most of the free world is at war with ‘terrorism’.  Those guys have been relatively inactive for a few months, but everyone is concerned about the next attack.  Is your organization ready?

A Plan for All Reasons
  by:  Peter de Jager, Keynote Speaker, Writer, and Consultant

For many organizations, Sept. 11th has become the much needed business case for long neglected contingency plans. That’s the right decision, but for the worst of reasons. The added risks posed by terrorist attacks are, in the greater scheme of things, insignificant.
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Futurist, Part 3

  Amy L. Cole, Executive VP and COO, 
The Forbes Group

Scanning the macro environment to pick up on emerging issues is a lot like gathering data for a term paper. Eventually, you need to pull together the research and analyze where there is possible overlap in the STEEP categories that may signal the beginnings of a trend.

This is the third article in a series on "How to be a Futurist" - To read this article, Click Here


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