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can i trust you?

From: mrs zuleya dalhatu
Subject: can i trust you?
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 1980 01:58:33 +0100


I am a sister of the wife of the former head of state
of Nigeria, late Gen. Sanni Abacha. Since the demise
of the late head of state ,most of his colleagues and
subordinates have turned their backs on the family
because the government is bent on probing the family.
The family is now headed by the second son,Mohammed.
The first son was killed in a plane crash in 1996.As
at this moment of contacting you for assistance, I do
not trust any Nigerian neither do I trust the family
lawyers and I have decided to contact you directly
having gotten your name information and
particulars from a business directly in the internet.

I have a feeling that you are genuine and well
established to handle a business of this magnitude. I
also trust that you will be an honest investor that I
can rely on for an investment of over US$10.6M in your
company or your sister company in your country without
the notice of this present civilian government in
power. Due to the fact that the government is poised
to dealing with the Abacha family, All our bank accounts
in Europe and America where the late head of state
deposited financial gifts from foreign contractors
whom he helped during his tenure has been frozen and
confiscated by this new administration. But there is
this US$14M of genuine origin; accrued from personal
gift and tips received from foreign oil firms whom the
late head of state helped to obtain juicy contracts as
well as procure licenses for operation of business in
Nigeria.The money was quickly and diligently sneaked
out of Nigeria's apex bank ( the central bank of
Nigeria ) through diplomatic immunity immediately
after the late head of state died, by his second son
Mohammed to a finance company, . The money is in the
safe custody of a security  / finance company and the claim document
together with the password are with me.

Presently, we cannot travel out of the shores of
Nigeria because our travelling documents have been
seized from us by the government. Do get back to me
immediately if the terms of this proposal is agreeable
to you. Contact me strictly by E-mail as indicated
above for further elucidation .Note that this is 100 risk free as long as
it is kept absolutely confidential by you as we have 
perfected our strategies from this end. Also note that the Finance
/Security company is making arrangement to move this 
funds to your 
account as soon as you get in-touch with me. Your urgent response is

Thank you.



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