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Quality conferencing at a low cost

From: E-Loan Office
Subject: Quality conferencing at a low cost
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 05:12:22 -1900

Subscribe to the Web Conference Center for only $40.00 per month!
(Connects up to 15 participants at a time plus audio charges)

  • Conduct real-time interactive meetings and presentations
    over the Internet
  • Application sharing
  • Review and revise documents in real-time
  • Record and archive your meeting
  • Simulate a live Classroom
  • Quickly hold a meeting with anyone anywhere in the world
  • Lowest rate $.18 per minute for audio (toll charges
    included) Call anytime, from anywhere, to anywhere
  • Quality, easy to use service

    Eliminate or Reduce Travel Expense
    Try this on for savings... and turn those unnecessary trips into problem solving and fact finding conferences, saving time and wear and tear on your overworked business staff.

    To find out more about this revolutionary concept, fill out the form below.

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