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Re: Do you still need Developers?

From: Moritz Schulte
Subject: Re: Do you still need Developers?
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 00:25:15 +0200
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"Gary Snyder" <g_silverfish@hotmail.com> writes:


> Is it still possible to be included in the Hurd project as a
> developer.

Well, this question seems a bit weird.  There is no authory, which
decides who is allowed to contribute to the project and who is not
allowed to[0].  This is a Free Software project - we all can help by
contributing.  Try to get an overview of the project and the tasks,
which have to be done.  Then you can simply start hacking on something
which seems interesting or important to you.  This way you can help
the Hurd project.  And if you have difficulties understanding some
parts of the code, just ask on help-hurd.

> If so could you please tell me what need to get started.

Get an overview of the Hurd, read documentation[1], have fun, start

> If I'm talking to the wrong person/group for this, I'm sorry.  Could
> you please direct me to the correct person.

Well, this is bug-hurd, which is mainly intended for discussing
problems and improvements in the Hurd.  There is also help-hurd for
more general help, and some other Hurd related mailinglists[2].


[0] If you meant CVS write access, that is surely limited to only some
    persons, but of course you can send patches to this mailinglist.
[1] For example at http://hurd.gnu.org/.
[2] See http://www.gnu.org/

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