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std location for system console

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: std location for system console
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:35:54 +0200
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is that ok with you wrt integration of the console into the existing system:

/servers/console is a translator "/hurd/console --encoding ISO8859-1" or
whatever system default encoding is desired, <hurd/paths.h> gets an entry
#define _SERVERS_CONSOLE _SERVERS "console"
and /dev/tty2 ... /dev/ttyN are translators
/hurd term /dev/ttyN hurdio /server/console/N/console

and /dev/tty1 is a link to /dev/tty, or something like that, and /dev/tty
gets redirected to hurdio /server/console/1/console as part of the startup.

Console clients use _SERVERS_CONSOLE by default.

I can write code that makes the console-console (still for lack of a better
name) read out the current screen content and write it back to the first
virtual console.

For later:
Should there be an option to daemonize console-console?  I am unsure how the
boot process should be.  For some reason, I think it would be a good idea to
detect a failure of starting up the console-console, but also to respawn it
if it is terminated after a long time.  /dev/tty should only be redirected
when starting the client really worked.  Whatever we do, it should be robust
in the best sense of the word ;)  Also, I need to install a term handler in
console-console that restores the video card settings.


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